Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Balesin Island: Around The World in 3 Days!

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I never thought it would be possible. Travel the world in just under 3 days!

In one island.

Imagine 7 great destinations. The sights, images, food, and culture of the most amazing cities in the world. All in one place. It is not an island. It is BALESIN.

Our friend, Eliza and Billy Valtos, invited us two weekends ago to celebrate with them their eldest son's 13th birthday. I was excited! I have heard of Balesin from my friends and I can't wait to check if the rumours are true.

Yet I was also apprehensive. You see, I developed a fear of flying in very small planes a couple of years ago. To this day I haven't agreed to flying in these type of planes, not even if it meant convenience and cutting travel time. 

Waiting for Balesin's private plane in Alphaland hangar.

The catch with Balesin is, the only way going to this island is through a 25-minute small plane ride. I braved this one and decided to face my fear and be true to being the Pinay Explorer that I am. 

Was I thankful that I went!

First off, the plane that took us to this tropical island paradise is a 31-seater Dornier 328-100. It flew as smooth as silk! Eliza and Billy were very encouraging, and my husband was holding my hand all throughout the flight. Fear gone down the drain. Whew! 

When we landed, it was as promised. Rumours are true. It is dreamy. The world completely all in itself. We experience it all in Balesin Island Club. 

It is an exclusive private membership resort and leisure club found in an island in Quezon, south of Luzon, owned and developed by Alphaland. There are 7 themed villages that took its inspiration from the world class beach destinations: Bali (Indonesia), Mykonos (Greece), Balesin (Philippines), St. Tropez (France), Costa del Sol (Spain), Phuket (Thailand), Toscana (Italy). 

We were greeted with refreshments of fresh buko juice and quickly had an orientation of the whole island and its top notch recreational facilities and amenities. We were carted off to the Reception for check in. Our home for the next 3 days was a big casita in the Bali Village.

Catch my next blog for our amazing experience of the different countries...

Keep Walking!

The Pinay Explorer


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