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Show Me The Money: A Kiddopreneur Field Trip to the BSP Museum

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Around 40 Kiddopreneurs participated in this exclusive field trip to the BSP.

We visited Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas last week and we were treated not just with the history of Philippine money but we also learned how money is printed.

The Kiddopreneurs troop to the BSP Museum!

They learned the story of money through time in the Philippine history.

This is a special field trip exclusive to more than 40 Kiddo-preneurs and their parents. We were toured around the BSP Museum and saw how money evolved through time. 

As a bonus treat to our kids, they get to print their own money with their own faces! How cool is that? In just a little over two minutes they were done with their signature, choice of bill, and color of money.  
Add your signature, choose your bill, and your color!

Then you're done. Print your own money!

Show me the money!
But in the real world of money, did you know that it takes 300 days or 10 months to produce and print Philippine money? It takes that long and it is very expensive to print. There are several steps and processes to undergo in printing before these bills and coins are issued to the public. That is why we need to take care of our bills. We should not crumple them, tear them, or fold them. 

Tita Maiki shows us how to take care of our bills.
The coins for this matter, are worth more in their actual value than its monetary value because of the cost of the metal. So make sure you spend and use your coins! Don't keep them...

Do you know what happens to the old, crumpled, dirty, torn, or damaged bills?  Can you still use them? 

Well, don't fret. If you still have them, just go to your nearest bank and exchange them for crisp, new ones. The bank will gladly do this for you. They will then surrender these damaged and old notes to the BSP headquarters in Quezon City where the actual money is printed and they will shred it! 

Here's an actual souvenir of shredded paper bills! Cool!
The kids also played different interactive games inside the museum like puzzles and guessing games.

Games like this make the museum more fun and interesting for kids!

The most fun is a game of guessing the prices of basic commodities such as a bar of soap, a can of corned beef, a kilo of rice, and other things that we use in our everyday life. It would be good to know that BSP's main task is to ensure the price stability of goods. For the mommies and daddies, this is the best exercise for us to know who goes to the supermarket! The kids played as a team and came up with their best guess. Well, your guess were as good as ours! 

The Kiddopreneurs were put to the test to see if they know the price of their favorite goods.

Team 1 emerged as the winners! Congratulations kids!

Deputy Director of the BSP, Tito Diwa Guinigundo also graciously honored us with stories of how Philippine bills and coins are designed and made. From different selection of artists, we now have award winning designs of 6 denominations of bills and 7 denominations of coins. Do you still remember what these are?

1. P1,000                         1. P10
2. P500                            2. P5
3. P200                            3. P1
4. P100                            4. 50 centavos
5. P50 and                      5. 25 centavos
6. P20                              6. 10 centavos and 7. a 5 centavo coin

Do you know what the biggest denomination in the Philippines, and perhaps, in the whole world is? This is real, and by far, the biggest, in terms of size, and value, in monetary currency. There are only 1,000 pieces issued for this commemorative P100,000 peso bill for the Philippine centennial.

The Deputy Director also gave us precious advise on what to do with our money. He answered all our questions, including how to get his job! 

Thank you BSP team for giving us a great tour and for the loads of freebies we took home. 

This commemorative P5 coin is issued to celebrate the EDSA Revolution which by the way is the day we toured the BSP Museum. How apt!

My youngest son, Jaime, is so happy to be receiving more money!

A commemorative P1 coin celebrating the 150th birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal. Notice that the face profile is facing front, and not the usual facing side.

Thank you Tita Maiki and Tito Quinto and the KP Team for this amazing tour. Now we are wiser about money. 

Andrea and Jaime with Tita Maiki doing their last minute interview about what they learned in the museum tour.

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