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Top 12 Street Eats from Food Trucks Manila

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Isn't it amazing that the food trucks fever in the USA is already hitting Manila?

Food trucks I think are cool! They may not serve the most "updated" fad or trend of food, but these are undeniably great (sometimes gourmet) food serve quickly by enterprising Pinoy guys.

Serving all American cheesesteak sandwiches, pizza cones, hotdog sandwiches, burgers, shawarmas, and even all-time Filipino rice meals, these idling food trucks are parked on the grounds of Capitol Commons in front of Kapitolyo, Pasig.

For a limited experimental run that started last September 13 and will run till September 27, catch these cool food trucks for lunch and dinner every Tuesdays to Thursdays, and 4pm till 12midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

There is a live band playing every Friday to keep you entertained while you sample the different varieties offered by the food trucks. Tables and chairs are provided for. But if you are like my family, we like to take our mat and have a picnic on the park.

These food trucks are worth waiting in line for and a meal worthy to stand up for. There are a variety of intriguing, delicious-smelling options to choose from a hungry meal seeker like me.

Here are the top street eats from Food Trucks:

#1. Hungry Rover

Number 1 on my list is this truck serving Angus tapa meal, Manila cheese steak sandwich, Rover burger, and the best Schlurp milk tea in a bottle. Great quick service, done right, and you can actually sit down inside their comfy truck. You can have a good read of Pinoy mags while waiting for your orders to be served. Rover burger costs P200, while Angus Tapa, Fireballs, and Manila Cheesesteak go for P170. Shlurp milk tea with coffee jelly is only P60.

Soft succulent Angus tapa with egg and rice

Rover Burger with tacos


#2. Great Burger

Oh this tops my list of very goooood burgers in town. Better than your Charlie's or Big Brothers! Order their original, or bacon, or make it double if you think you are really hungry! This is one of our favorite food trucks. For the price of only P140 for their Original, this is great value! If I have to borrow Jollibee's tagline, ibang klase ang "langhap sarrrap!"

#3. Shawarma Bros

If you think you have tasted all the shawarmas, think again! Shawarma Bros give you a great tasting garlicky cheesy crrrispy beef wraps! Wraps cost P100 a piece and the rice plate go for P150. My favorite piece of heaven is their Lamb Steak Rice Plate, about P200, with Biryani rice, oozing with garlic yoghurt and cheesy sauce, succulent lamb, and fresh slice of tomatoes and thinnest cuts of cucumber! Nomnom!

#4. Amazing Cones

Why not try a mini pizza served in a cone? My kids love the Hula Ham and the Pizza Burger! The classic flavors go for only P50 and the Premium flavors cost P60 each. They also serve the all American favorite hotdogs.

#5. Ser Chef's Lechon by Mitzi

This food truck serves lechon rice meals with raspberry tea, from sisig lechon to the lechon Macau favored by Wooden Spoon's Sandy Daza. I may have a different taste preference from him. Although it tasted so crispy, I am not a big fan of the Macau version. The rice meals with the raspberry tea or water costs P135.

#6. The Cheesesteak Shop

The flavors are all American, yes! Even the price and their size. The whopping 7-inch Cheesesteak sandwich costs around P399 and their 10-inch go for P520. Not so good value, considering the taste didn't deliver...

#7. Gelati

Yep, they have desserts, too! All homemade Italian ice cream gelato for the young ones and the young once.  They have around 20 yummy flavors to choose from. 

#8. Kuyang

For your all Pinoy rice meals, this is the truck for you. Rice meals go for P55 - P107, from your favorite BBQ, bistek, liempo, tapa, sisig, and lechon kawali. Their bestseller though is Liempo Rice Meal, around P105 pesos, complete with Binagoong Rice, slices of soft liempo, smothered in their own creation of sweet sauce.

#9. Truck Bun

Truck bun serves your sandwiches and wraps, like your Japadog, kani mango sandwich, bbq  pulled sandwich, or crispy adobo flakes with kesong puti, crispy sisig wrap and their Filipino version of steak and eggs. Sandwiches and wraps start from P155. I love their Pulled Pork Sandwich! I can't wait to try their other unique creations.

#10. Big Bite Avenue

Their truck advertises as the best burger in town. Unfortunately, we haven't tasted their pride and joy. All the more reason to go back...They serve Longa Burger, the Big Bite Avenue, BBQ Burger, and fries. Prices of burgers go for P110.

#11. Chef Broosy

Chef Broosy serves an odd mix of your favorite pizza, pasta, and surprisingly, ramen, tacos, and toppers like chicken pops, sisig, and pulled pork.

#12. Jasper's

They serve my daughter Andrea's favorite Baked Mac and Cheese, around P95, torched on top to have that melty cheesy taste my daughter loves! Try their crispy chicken karaage, either in barbecue or sour cream flavor, only P95! 

Drinks Bar

The only bar present that serves your San Mig. I think they should be more creative and add some more varieties for their drinks...

Take your meals, sample a few. Relax, watch interesting people go by, and savor these simple pleasures.

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  1. Thank you for the feature! Hope you could drop by food truck park ph at Capitol Commons again soon! We'll be here 'til November :-)

    -Romeo Nacpil, Hungry Rover

    1. Hi Romeo!

      Yes, we're there at least 3 times a week:-) My 3 kids, my husband and I love your truck!

      We are addicted to your Schlurp as well:-)

      Stay true to your calling. God bless!

      Keep Walking!
      Pinay Explorer

  2. Wow I can't believe am missing this new food trend back at home...

    1. Hi Rich M!

      We are just catching on this trend from the US:-) it's been super!

      Thanks for visiting this site:-)

      Keep Walking!
      Pinay Explorer

  3. Hello!
    We are going to visit philippines this chistmas and I wonder where to find this place where they gathered every food trucks so that my kids can try the food of filipinos pride....
    Thank you and love your blog!!!


    1. Hi Maria!

      Thank you for visiting this site:-) The food trucks have varying places to park, mainly: Glorietta in Makati, Cuenca in Alabang, and here in Capitol Commons in Pasig. Sometimes, when there are special events, they go to Nuvali in Sta Rosa.

      Here's their FB Page for schedules where you can catch them:

      Thank you for your encouragement:-)

      God bless you!

      Keep Walking!
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  4. Awesome photos and good review, I think.
    All must be yummy!!!
    I want to visit.

    1. Yes, thank you for visiting my site. And yes, they are all indeed yummy!

      You need to visit :-) Please do...

      More power!
      Keep Walking!

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  5. Replies
    1. thanks Patrick for following my blog. Hope this helps.

      tune in for more:-)

      God bless you.
      Keep Walking!

      Pinay Explorer

  6. hi...just wanted to knw the it open everyday (monday-friday.)?


    1. Hi Nelson,

      They only have specific schedule for Capitol Commons. They frequent other places too, like Glorietta.

      Here is the link for their facebook page for announcements on where they are.

      Hope this one helps..

      Keep Walking!
      Pinay Explorer

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