Friday, April 19, 2013

Viaje del Sol: A Rustic Artsy Dinner at Kinabuhayan Cafe, Part 4 of 7

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Dolores, Quezon, just at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, has a charming find in Jay Herrera's Kinabuhayan Art Cafe.  After arriving from Kubli Springs, we toured Jay's artsy and rustic place. Being a production director of Philippine plays, his property tells a story of his family and of his town's history.

While Jay tried his directing at the kitchen to whip us some dinner, we went up to his lovely tree house which the kids sooo love! 

The charming 3-storey tree house with beds, a bath, and working faucets!

The facade of Kinabuhayan Cafe in daylight, with all the bougainvilleas and shrubs that lends it its own homy-ness.

We also had time relaxing in one of the bamboo huts (kubo).

Joey and I playing with some local instruments we found in the kubo.

My son, Jaime playing some pool just before dinner to entertain himself. 

Oh this one, he found very interesting!

Jay's favorite dog, his alter ego?

A romantic dinner table setting

Finally, Jay's sumptuous production dinner arrived! Ta-da! We were so delighted to see art in our supper! What a treat! By the way, Jay personally cooks all the meals he serves for his guests from scratch.

Yummy fresh salad, visually appetizing, with real flowers you can eat!

Served in a wooden platter: mushroom truffle risotto, chicken crispers with spinach, grilled sweet liempo, and fresh tomato and basil fettucini.

Vegetarian delight: Joey's favorite - Sauteed Tofu in light vinegar sauce with onions.

A must try! Mangoes and cream, Jay's style. Don't forget to eat that white flower, there's a sweet surprise waiting at the end. Guaranteed!

Original kapeng barako that went well with that divine dessert!

With our endearing host, Jay Herrera after dinner. He served us some delightful boiled herbs that tasted much like mushroom tea.

Yes, Jay, may the Forks be with you! We are indeed so blessed to have met you.

Dejarme Street, Dolores, Quezon
Mobile: +63 916 221 - 5791 (Jay Herrera)

Blogger's Note: It is recommended to make prior reservations and arrangements to Kinabuhayan Art Cafe. Meals are P500 per head. You may stay overnight in one of the rustic huts and for free - just pay for 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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  1. Hi! How fair is the Kinabuhayan Cafe from Manila? Can we do day tour? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      Thank you for visiting my site. Kinabuhayan Cafe is around 2-3 hours from Manila. And yes, you can definitely do a day tour. If you leave at 630-7am, you'll be able to visit this plus a lot more sites and be back by 5-6pm to Manila.

      Enjoy your trip!

      God bless!
      Pinay Explorer