Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Families in Punta Fuego

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I love summer! It brings families and friends together. So when the La Salle Bacolod friends agreed to spend this summer together, we all trooped to our friends, Jun and Carissa's vacation house in Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas. It is located in a private leisure community developed by Landco, around 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Manila.  

On the way to Batangas, we made a brief stop for lunch at Rowena's Tagaytay. Great sinigang na bulalo and crispy pata. I love their halu-halo version, with cookies and cream ice cream  - perfect for a hot day. 

Four families on a hot summer day: the Lopezes - Marc & Margot, the Bosanos -  Mark & Aileen, the Ynions - Jun & Carissa, and the Yusays.

With some of our teens: my son Miguel (right) and friends, Nathan (left) and Kiel.

Complete with harana during lunch. 

Finally, we arrived at Punta Fuego, at the beautiful home of the Ynions. What greeted us was a great view of a serene ocean and lush greenery. Finding our happy spot at the cabana, we just enjoyed the friendship, stories from long ago which were told a dozen times over, some cool drinks, and cool music from our children. What could be better?

Now, we are ready for some fun! 
Jetski, island hopping, snorkeling, swimming, house-watching, happy hour, more big eats, and some more bonding.

Summertime is Family time!

The Lopezes from Bacolod

The Yusays

The Bosanos

For three full days, we just reminisced, swap stories, ate some more, drank some more, and dreamed some more!

Lobster buffet - eat to sawa! Honestly, I can only take two; my nape couldn't handle the cholesterol! Haha! 

Couples' date nights while the kids did a movie marathon.

Happy wives, happy lives!

Thank you Jun and Carisse for the three-day vacation! We immensely enjoyed the bonding moments. This is definitely one to cherish forever.

Keep Walking!


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