Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making Sense Out Of Milk Tea

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Ok...Need I say more about milk tea?

It is all around me. Different brands. Different flavors. Different mix.

But why do I get hooked on this 'bubble' or 'pearl' milk tea?

I was never a coffee drinker. My cup of tea is... well, TEA! 

Just hot steaming tea. Plain. No sugar. No honey. No milk. No cream.

So it was unnatural for me to have a liking on this bubbly, milky tea drink.

After the first sip though, I am sold!

I got sold EVERYDAY!

Any chance I get, I'd try a brand or two - a day.

I feel the happiness all around me. Let me count the ways:

1. Y-Tree (Mayflower Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City)

Yes, I know, this is only a local brand, but it has a good mixture of black tea and milk. You can still taste the tea. It is not drowning in milk. I get mine with grass jelly and add some pearl in my large cup. And I am happy! 

My favorite: Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. 
Gerard's favorite: Coco lychee (no milk, no pearl, just some coco lychee). It is truly refreshing!
Kids' favorites: Taro Milk Tea, Rock Salt Milk Choco, and Vanilla Milk Tea.
Plus: Flavor and taste is consistent every time. Just the right amount of cold chunks of ice.
Minus: Just one branch to go to. Pricier than most milk tea, even their extras.
Our rating: 5 thumbs up!!!

One of their best sellers, Rock Salt Cheese Wintermelon

2. Dakasi

This is one of the most popular milk tea drinks in Taiwan and China. The most interesting fact with Dakasi is that the milk they use is lactose free, their sugar is black. My husband, Gerard, totally love this! 

My favorite: Dakasi with pearl and extra jelly
Gerard's favorite: Okinawa with extra jelly
Kids' favorites: Taro with pearl, Cookies and Cream 
Plus: Milky and creamy, it does not taste like tea at all. I could be fooled!
Minus: Taste and flavor is not consistent for every branch. Visit P. Tuazon, it's the most consistent. 
Our rating: 4 thumbs up!!!

Okinawa, Dakasi's bestseller!

3. Serenitea

This is another popular drink from Taiwan that invaded the Pinoy thirst for milk tea. Good amount of tea taste with the right amount of milk. Not too creamy. Just the way I like it!

My favorite: Okinawa with jelly
Gerard's favorite: Okinawa!
Kids' favorites: Cookies and Cream
Plus: There's just so many accessible branches to get your favorite cup.
Minus: Beyond the Okinawa and the best Cookies and Cream Milk Tea, what's more?
Our rating: 4 thumbs up!!!

Serenitea's best seller: Okinawa

4. Happy Lemon

This is yet another popular Taiwanese milk tea brand. What is interesting is that the flavor didn't sit with me immediately. But once it did, I was willing to walk  quite a few distance to get one.

My favorite: De Luxe Milk Tea
Gerard's favorite: None, he's not a happy lemon with this one.
Kids' favorites: Rock Salt Choco, Cookies and Cream, Royal Milk Tea Jelly
Plus: Readily available and accessible.
Minus: There's just too many extras and less of the milk tea in a cup. Cup is too small, for a large size.
Our rating: 3 thumbs up!!

Happy Lemon's De Luxe Milk Tea

5. Chatime

Our first ever taste of milk tea was Chatime. We were introduced to milk tea last year when a store opened in Pioneer Center. My kids got addicted so we kept on coming back. This Taiwanese brand brought its popular milk tea to the Pinoys and made milk tea to be a famous drink today. This brand ushered in the milk tea craze.

My favorite: Pearl Milk Tea
Gerard's favorite: None, he's not crazy for this brand
Kids' favorites: Taro Milk Tea, Chocolate Mousse, Banana Milk Tea
Plus: It's available and accessible.
Minus: Standard normal taste is too sweet. You have to downplay your sugar.
Our rating: 3 thumbs up!!

Chatime's famous Pearl Milk Tea

That's my lowdown of my TOP 5 MILK TEA.

Even if I know that these are packed with calories, I still crave it from time to time.

Whenever I decide to cut back on my intake, my resolve always seem to weaken when I pass by a store. 

I make excuses just to have one of these favorites...

In pursuit of the perfect milk tea, I get carried away to try other brands. 

Every single time.

Now that's my bit of happiness...

What's yours?

Keep Walking!


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